With the way 2020 went, everyone is itching to travel, but with some safety regulations still in place, many holiday-goers are turning their sights on a summer staycation in 2021. Instead of travelling to airports to go abroad, many are staying closer to home and opting for caravan, cabin or even camping staycations.

For those that have never taken a staycation, you might be sceptical about this approach, but there are so many benefits of having a summer staycation. This blog post will share five perks of a summer staycation in 2021, along with how we can help with your adventure!

What Is a Staycation?

Rather than travelling abroad, a staycation involves exploring what your country has to offer instead. For example, a staycation can involve exploring local attractions, day trips and weekend caravan trips, all in your country.

1. Avoiding Travel

A staycation can invh2ve travelling further afield in your own country, but you can also choose to stay local. A benefit of a staycation is that you have the freedom to avoid time-consuming travel, as you can select local attractions.

2. Saving Money

Driving or walking to a location locally is vastly cheaper than international travel on an aeroplane. Not only do you save on transport costs, but you can pack your own food and drinks. In addition, if you have caravan or camping equipment, you can utilise that for an overnight stay, which will save money as well.

3. Exploring Where You Live

Many people love a staycation as it allows them to be tourists in their own country. You will see your home from a new perspective. All thoughts of the work route or picking up the shopping are at the back of your mind and replaced with appreciating what is there to explore.

4. Support Local Business

Another benefit is that you can support the local businesses you might be too busy to normally visit. Finally, as mentioned, you can be a tourist in your own country, which means you can explore and support local businesses.

5. Shorter Getaways

Unfortunately, not everyone can take many days off from work, or other commitments, which is why staycations are perfect. You can have a short weekend getaway or even venture out on a day trip. Staycations provide you with the freedom to plan what is right for you.

How Somerset Mobile Towbars Can Help

If you opt for a weekend staycation, you might find that taking your bicycles securely attached to a cycle rack hitched to a towbar is just what you need, or, maybe a caravan is a perfect companion to have on hand. A caravan means you don’t have to worry about booking a room at a hotel; instead, you can drive out with your caravan all thanks to a trusted towbar.

We can help if you need a new towbar installation, or if you already have one, make sure you are prepared for your summer staycation with our tips in this blog.