2021 is a popular year for staycations, as more people choose to stay local due to government restrictions and affordability. Many friend groups, families and couples are looking at ways to have a fun yet cost-effective holiday multiple times a year.

That is where owning a caravan comes into play. Having a caravan at your disposal means you have a convenient, cost-effective and hassle-free way to have a staycation. Not sure about towing your own caravan to different locations? Allow us to share 5 benefits of owning a caravan to shed some light on this staycation option.

1. Cost-effective

As mentioned, owning a caravan is a cost-effective way to make the most of your holiday, specifically in the long term. You can easily travel across the country, with a place to call home attached, thanks to a durable towbar. This means you can set up home anywhere, without the need to rent a room in a hotel, you can also bring your own food to save money, and you won’t have to pay as much for travel costs when you pre-plan your journey.

2. Different Locations

Many holiday parks are located in beautiful countryside and coastal locations, close to local amenities. These locations give you a chance to explore what is local and put you in the heart of the countryside, something you might not necessarily get when staying at a hotel chain.

3. Community

While hotels have a sense of separation, holiday parks where you set up your caravan has a greater sense of community. You can get to know your neighbours, engage with the locals and even attend events that the holiday park might have while you are there.

4. Comfort

Travelling with your own caravan has a sense of comfort and security, in the sense that you will always know what you are getting. You’ve changed the sheets yourself; you’ve stocked the cupboards and cleaned; nothing will surprise you. You can customise your space how you want it to meet your own comfort needs.

5. Active

Setting up in a rural location with your caravan means that you are prompted to explore the location around you. You will stay active during your caravan staycation, which means exploring nature and walking.

Towbar Services

If we have persuaded you to take a holiday staycation in your caravan, we can help with your towbar needs. Start your holiday the right way by ensuring your caravan is secure by hiring our reliable team to supply and fit your towbar. You can contact us today if you have any questions.