Somerset Mobile Towbars can now offer our customers complete Vehicle Specific Dedicated wiring installations using industry leading diagnostics technology. Vehicle Specific Electrical Kits (VSK) are individually developed to meet the requirements of each individual vehicle.

They conform with the vehicle manufacturers requirements and when installed will ensure any towing related safety feature is active and functions as required. This means that they work alongside the vehicle electrical systems and technology.

Somerset Mobile Towbars have invested in the latest reprogramming equipment in the form of the Westfalia Diagnostic/Recode Tool. Re-coding towing electrics is similar to updating your computer operating system. When recoded, the vehicle understands when it is towing and adjusts the relevant functions accordingly.

With this specialised tool we are now able to offer not only Vehicle Specific Wiring Kits but the facility to recode on site thereby avoiding the need, in many cases, for a visit to a main dealer. After recoding, where required, all the safety and comfort features will be operational in the vehicle as incorporated by the car manufacturer.

The Vehicle Specific Kits we offer, though after market, are specific to your own particular vehicle. Where any safety features such as Trailer Stability Programme are incorporated into the vehicle systems by the manufacturer, they will function correctly once the system recode has been performed. Your car probably has some or all of these features so it only makes sense to make full use of them.

An increasing amount of modern vehicles are now being equipped with dedicated towing features which include such functions as the following:-

*Trailer Stability Programme (TSP)

The TSP program is an extra function pre-programmed into the vehicle electrical system – designed to offer drivers greater stability when towing – which applies appropriate braking to individual wheels to counteract any fishtailing

*Fog light cut out

This turns the vehicles fog lights off when a trailer is plugged in.

*Reversing sensor cut out

This deactivates the vehicle reversing sensors when a trailer is plugged in.

*Trailer Indicator Monitoring

Monitors trailer indicator function using “double flash” in the event of bulb failure.

*Bulb failure detection

Can detect if a bulb is not working on the trailer.

*Vehicle make and model dependent

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