Towbar FAQs

Finding a towbar that’s right for your car can be difficult. On our FAQ page we have put together some of the most common questions that we get asked by customers.

Which towbar is best?

There are several types of towbar available for your car including the two most common types, which are fixed and detachable. A retractable towbar is also available for certain makes of car. In terms of price, a fixed towbar is the cheapest option and while detachable and retractable towbars are more expensive, they do offer the advantage of generally being invisible when not in use. Detachable towbars can easily be removed when it’s not needed with retractable types folding up behind the car bumper.

Does every towbar fit every car?

At the moment you will need to be selective in your choice of towbar to make sure that it will fit your type of car. This is because the shape and design of every car is different and as the towbar is installed underneath your car you need one that is specifically designed for your vehicle. All our towbars are fully VOSA approved for fitting to the vehicles for which they are designed. Not all vehicles can legally tow so it is always best to look on the vehicle VIN plate to check the towing capacities for your particular vehicle.

Can a towbar be stolen?

In theory, yes a towbar can be stolen but it is extremely rare for a fixed or retractable towbar to be taken due to the time and effort involved. A detachable towbar is more vulnerable but does have an anti-theft lock to make this far less likely.

Could a towbar affect parking sensors?

If you have manufacturer fitted rear parking sensors this usually isn’t an issue. However, every car is different so there’s no guarantee that a towbar will not affect the function of rear parking sensors when the vehicle is not being used for towing. It might be worthwhile to contact the supplier or consider purchasing a detachable unit.

What type of electrical connection do I need?

To connect the towing electrics to your trailer or caravan you require either a single 7-pin 12N socket, or a newer style 13-pin socket depending on what is the intended use of the towbar. We are very happy to offer advice regarding all the types of connection available so please ask.

How much weight will the towbar tow?

The maximum weight you are able to tow can be found in the vehicle registration papers or determined by the VIN plate on the vehicle as the difference between the weight of the vehicle and the Gross Train Weight (GTW). All our towbars are fully approved for fitting on the vehicles for which they were designed and do not invalidate any warranty on the car.