Somerset Mobile Towbars is a family run business that was established in 1992. We have amassed years of experience in this time and we are now able to provide support and advice to you.

This blog post will outline the step by step process involved in fitting your own towbar to your vehicle should you feel confident enough. This is a simple step by step process and you should always read the instructions that come with your parts and the car.

Step 1

Make sure you read the instructions that have been provided with your parts. Each towbar is specific to a certain make and model of vehicle and it is important to check that you have the correct towbar and electrics for your own car. We would al so strongly advise to read the instructions thoroughly before attempting to fit any parts to familiarise yourself with the installation process.

Step 2

Before you can install your towbar you may need to dismantle the bumper on the back of your vehicle. Make sure you place your bumper very carefully and well away from the vehicle to avoid any damage after you have removed it. Using an old blanket or throw on which to place the bumper can be very useful to help protect the paintwork.

Step 3

Ideally, you will need to raise the car to make fitting easier but do not use either the car’s own jack or trolley jack for this unless you place axle stands under the car to ensure firm support. A pair of ramps are the best solution if you have access to some.

Step 4

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when fitting the towbar and where any cut is required to the bumper, we always recommend following the measurements provided in the instructions and maybe even a slightly smaller cut as you can always trim a little more but cannot replace any bits you may have overcut.

Step 5

Make sure you fit all the bolts, nuts and washers provided with the towbar taking careful note if bolts with different pitch threads are used and always use the shakeproof washers provided. Finally, make sure all bolts are correctly tightened to the torque settings provided in the instructions.

Step 6

Fitting any towbar related electrics to your vehicle should only be attempted if you feel sufficiently competent and this is the main reason why many people do not try to fit their own towbar. Always remember to follow all instructions supplied with any electrical kit as many cars have very sensitive circuits which can be easily harmed.

Some vehicles may require a software recode following the installation of a towbar and electrics and we are happy to carry this out for you should it be required.

If you find yourself struggling to fit your own towbar we will be happy to assist with advice or help with actual fitting should you find you are unable to complete or attempt an installation.

With such a wealth of experience, we are able to fit your towbar in much less time than it might take you. Remember, our reliable and cost-effective fitting service is always on hand if you need help fitting your towbar.