We offer towbar fitting services that will have your vehicle up and ready for towing in no time at all! Our very experienced technician will come right to you, so there’s no need for a long wait at the garage when you could be in the comfort of your own home instead. And because we’re mobile, we can fit a towbar to most makes and models of cars out there! If you want to know more about what makes us stand out from the competition, keep reading below:

1. We’re a Family-Owned and Operated Company

Our company was started back in 1992 as a small local business. Over the past three decades, we’ve grown into one of the largest independent companies offering mobile towbar fittings across Somerset and parts of Devon and Dorset. We are a family-owned and run business that is dedicated to serving our clients’ every need, with no hidden costs – just honest prices.

Unlike some other businesses, we don’t charge extra fees just because it’s convenient for them. Instead, we work hard to provide quality products and excellent customer service without charging our customers for anything they don’t need. That means if you decide not to purchase something with us, you won’t pay for it. It also means that we’ll never try to sell you things you don’t really need.

2. Our Prices Are Competitive

When you visit or contact us, you’ll find that our prices are very competitive with those offered by larger competitors.

With so much experience in the towbar trade, we fully understand how to fit just about every type of tow bar available. This means we can handle everything from simple towbar repairs like replacing broken parts to more complex jobs, such as installing/fitting new towbars and recoding vehicle electrical systems where required after fitting a towbar and dedicated wiring.

3. The Most Friendly Customer Service

Our biggest asset is you, the customer and we take great pride in providing friendly, helpful and informative customer care every day. When you contact us, you’ll speak directly to someone who knows exactly how important your query is. We will listen carefully to understand your requirements before we provide you with advice and a quote. Once you are happy to move forward, we will work hard every step of the way to ensure everything that goes smoothly during installation.

4. Get Your Towbar Fitted at Your own Home

Being a fully mobile operation means that you can have your towbar fitted without leaving the comfort of your own home. In most cases, we can fit a towbar in around 2 hours, meaning you are without your car for as little time as possible. This means that you can avoid having to go through the hassle of waiting around for hours at a dealership or garage.


We’re a family-owned and operated company. Our prices are competitive and we have the most friendly customer service in the business. You can get your towbar fitted with us all in the comfort of your own home! Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask any questions about our products or services!