When you first install a towbar, using it, disconnecting it and storing it can seem like an overwhelming process. Where do you start? How do you disconnect it? A thousand questions are racing through your mind. Fortunately, at Somerset Mobile Towbars, we want to shed some light on one particular topic that many people stumble at.

In this informative blog post, we will share our top tips for disconnecting your towbar. Before long, disconnecting your towbar will be second nature, and you will be telling others your top tips.

What Is a Towbar?

Before we jump right into our tips, we want to share what a towbar is for new users. A towbar connects your vehicle to what you are towing, which could be a caravan or even a trailer. There are different types of towbars to choose from; however, all are durable and have a similar purpose.

Tips for Disconnecting a Towbar

Here are our four main tips for disconnecting a towbar.

Park on the Correct Surface

Don’t set yourself up for failure; instead, start the right way by parking on a level surface or close to level. While this might not be a choice, depending on your circumstances, the process is a lot easier when you park on a level surface.

Wiring and Cables

Once you are on a level surface and place the vehicle in park, you can start unplugging the wiring. At this point, you can disconnect the breakaway or safety cables and put them in a safe place.

Hitch and Towball

When you have disconnected the trailer plug, it is time to release the hitch from the towball ensuring that any jockey wheel has been lowered before unhitching your trailer or caravan. Depending on the type of hitch you have, this step might differ; however, this will typically require releasing the hitch locking mechanism before disconnecting from the towball. At this point if you have a detachable ball type towbar, the towball can be removed from the main towbar and the towing socket retracted behind the bumper where possible.


Once removed you must make sure to store your detachable towbar neck in a clean and dry place preferably in the storage bag which normally comes with the towbar. While this might be kept in the boot of your car, we do recommend having a separate space for it in your garage or home.


We offer a range of services at Somerset Mobile Towbars, including carrying out relevant towbar and electrical installation. We can provide you with advice and knowledge about your towbar simply contact us today.