Luckily, towbars are low maintenance, but, you should be checking on them every so often to locate any imperfections or problems. This blog post will share our tips on how you can check to see if your towbar requires maintenance.

Somerset Mobile Towbars was established in 1992, so it is safe to say the advice we offer comes from experience. Check out the information below to see if your towbar needs maintenance.

What Do You Check?

A towbar is made from strong steel to maintain the integrity of the towbar, this will, however, make it susceptible to forming rust especially in wet conditions. It is important to check for and remove any rust appearing on the towbar either by sanding or use of a wire brush. A metal primer or paint such as Hammerite should then be applied to help prevent further corrosion.

Make sure you also check the towball, any locking devices, brackets, bolts and the surrounding body of the vehicle to which the towbar is attached. All these areas above are usually checked during an MOT, so make sure you are checking them during your own maintenance checks.


The first and most obvious way to maintain your towbar is to perform regular inspections. Check for any noticeable damage and that everything is functioning properly. Also check the towball itself for any signs of corrosion, grooves or pitting which could be detrimental to the correct operation of the towbar. We recommend cleaning off the towball with a cloth using thinners or white spirit and removing any flaky rust that may be in evidence. The ball can then be greased if required.

Detachable Towbars

If you have a detachable ball towbar, you should remove the towball for closer inspection. Ensure that any levers, knobs or flexible joints are operating correctly and also check for any play between the housing and the towball when the ball is inserted. There should be no “give” with the towball properly attached. If there is some movement, no matter how minor, the towball and its housing should be replaced.

The towball on a detachable towbar should always be removed when not being used with the dust cover inserted into the housing for protection and the towball stored in its bag or case.

Here To Help

If you notice that any parts are not working properly, you should replace these worn parts. You can find replacement parts for many makes at your local specialist such as Somerset Mobile Towbars. If at home maintenance options do not fix your tow bar, Somerset Mobile Towbars can carry out a new towbar installation. You can contact us today about our towbar services, and we will be happy to help.