Summer is just around the corner, and since we spent the majority of 2020 and the start of 2021 confined to our homes, many people will be eager to have a summer getaway. In other words, many people will be going on a summer staycation, accompanied by their caravan, thanks to a trusted towbar.

You might be eager to go, but make sure you read this essential post first as it shares informative towing advice for your summer getaway.

Pre-Travel Inspection

Before you travel, inspect your vehicle, towbar, and caravan are safe and secure so that you have no further issues while travelling. This pre-travel inspection will help as you can identify any repairs you need to do before setting off, along with the security of the towbar.

You can inspect the towbar to ensure it is secure, check your vehicle and caravan tyre pressures, and check your lights, suspension, hitch and towbar, to name a few areas.

Weights Limits

Another piece of advice about towing is to make sure you check the weight limits you are entitled to tow. Some factors could come into play, such as when you passed your driving test, as this determines the weight capacity of how much you can tow.

Number Plates

Ensure that your number plates are displayed clearly on the towed vehicle, as the plates on your car will not be visible as you are towing. The number plate you display on the towed vehicle must illuminate at night to make it easy to see.


Finally, one key piece of towing advice for your summer getaway involves practising manoeuvring your vehicle while towing your caravan. If you haven’t done it before, towing can be a challenge, so you do not want to encounter any issues from lack of experience. Take your vehicle on a practice drive before your summer getaway, and get familiar with the additional load you are towing. This will enable you to see what is harder, what requires more attention, and you will feel at ease when you head off for your staycation.

Somerset Mobile Towbars

Somerset Mobile Towbars is a family run business that has over 25+ years of experience. We are happy to fit a towbar and corresponding electrics to most vehicle models, all at your convenience. If you require our team to fit your towbar before your summer getaway, you can contact us today, and we will happily supply and fit your towbar.