Somerset Mobile Towbars aim to provide you with the best possible service, which includes advice and help on subjects such as this. We only use fully approved towbars and electrical kits when fitting a towbar to your vehicle.

This informative article will round up applicable legislation about towbars and the requirements that you should know. We will highlight how certain products are able to meet the requirements outlined in the legislation.

The Towbar

Before you fit a towbar to your vehicle, you need to make sure it complies with EU regulations. Every towbar from Somerset Mobile Towbars is fully EU approved and the majority have been manufactured here in the UK.

Registration Number Plate Visibility

A towbar that is fitted to your vehicle must not obscure the registration number plate, either fully or in part. A vehicle registration plate is legally required for identification purposes and must be clearly visible at all times. Therefore, if your vehicle registration plate is set in the rear bumper where it would be obscured by a towball then the towball must be removed when not towing and the simplest way to do this is to have a detachable ball towbar fitted where the towball can be detached from the vehicle in seconds without the use of any tools.

Weight limit

Every vehicle has a maximum towing capacity and this is shown on the vehicle VIN plate. All towbars supplied by us will be capable of towing the maximum allowed weight for the intended vehicle range although some vehicle manufacturers may rate some models in the range with a lower capacity e.g. eco or small engine models. You should never exceed the vehicle manufacturers capacity and should also observe the noseweight limit as shown on the towbar type approval plate attached to every towbar.


During your vehicle Ministry of Transport (MOT) test, your towbar will be checked and this will include the correct functioning of the towing electrical socket. This check involves making sure the towbar is correctly fitted, is in good condition and is therefore safe to use.


When you are driving, it is important that you are able to have a clear view of the road both in front and behind. If you are towing, your rear view may be obstructed. This is why we would recommend the use of towing mirrors fitted to your vehicle.

Good to know

Learner drivers are not allowed to drive vehicles which are towing caravans or trailers. Make sure you are eligible to drive and tow before you decide to use your vehicle to tow. You can check your eligibility by looking here


The regulations are subject to change, therefore, we advise that you check the law before you have a towbar fitted. You are always able to contact a member of our dedicated team today if you have any questions or you need any help in regards to a towbar fitting.