This blog post will explain more about the topic of vehicle specific wiring. We will touch on what vehicle specific wiring is what it offers and why it might be needed. This is vehicle specific dedicated wiring installations using diagnostics technology, which is why it is essential to understand the process and the technology.

What is vehicle specific wiring?

Vehicle specific wiring kits have been designed specifically for the vehicle to which it is fitted. The reasoning behind the individual design is that each kit uses the vehicle systems in the same way as the vehicle manufacturer intended.


More and more modern vehicles are being equipped with dedicated towing features which include elements such as, trailer stability programmes, fog light cut out, reversing sensor cut out and trailer indicator monitoring.

Other features include vehicle warranty protection and built-in safety features activated; however, there is a higher cost which is justified since the wiring is installed as the vehicle manufacturer intended it to be fitted.

Our kits

The vehicle specific wiring kits we offer here at Somerset Mobile Towbars are specific to your own vehicle. As previously mentioned, our kits offer dedicated wiring installations and we are able to offer vehicle system recoding to most makes and models where required using industry-leading Westfalia technology.

With this tool, we can offer the facility to recode on-site, which means there is less need for a visit to the primary dealer. After recording, all the safety and comfort features should be operational in the vehicle as incorporated by the car manufacturer.

How we can help

We aim to provide you with the best possible service at a competitive price, which in turn enables you to equip your vehicle with all the necessary parts to get you towing. If you have any queries or questions, we encourage you to contact a member of our team today.