How do businesses go the extra mile? One way to exceed expectations is by providing a warranty, but what exactly is a warranty, and what does it include? This blog will talk you through what a warranty is, the benefits of a warranty and the different types of warranties Somerset Mobile Towbars offer its customers.

What is a Warranty?

A warranty is defined as a legally binding commitment which provides the purchaser with a peace of mind. A warranty will typically reassure the purchaser that the service or product they are buying does not have defects.

Some warranties will provide specific details about the product or service, for example, replacement parts or repairs for certain damages. Most warranties will have a particular time frame; however, some might be lifetime warranties.

Benefits of Our Warranties

We are confident in the products we sell and the services we offer, which is reflected in our warranties. Our overall aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers’, which is why warranties are in place, to protect what you buy. The main benefit of having a warranty is that you, as a customer, will be protected if anything goes wrong and ultimately provides you with peace of mind.

As a company, the benefit of us having a warranty is that we can ensure that our customers and potential customers are confident in the quality of goods and services they will be receiving. When you use a service provided by Somerset Mobile Towbars, or purchase a product, you will feel at ease knowing that you are legally protected.

Different Types of Warranties

We have a lifetime warranty that will protect the fixed parts of the main towbar assembly (excluding any towing electrical installation). A lifetime warranty, at Somerset Mobile Towbar, is a warranty set by the manufacturers, which means if you have an issue with a fixed part of the towbar, we will contact the manufacturer for you.

Towbar installations are protected with our 12-month guarantee, which involves free repairs that you encounter in those 12 months. If you encounter any faults, the guarantee only covers defects that are related to the installation carried out by our team of experts. Please read our Towbar Warranties page for full details.

Happy To Assist

If you are unfamiliar with anything mentioned in this blog or are curious about our services, you can seek assistance from our team at Somerset Mobile Towbars experts, as they can help you with your needs.