Having been established in 1992, Somerset Mobile Towbars have been asked many various questions relating to towbars. This blog post discusses the top 5 commonly asked questions, and we have provided the answers to these questions.

If you want to know if you can fit your own towbar, or if you want to know what a detachable towbar is, find out in the answers below.

Can I fit my own towbar?

While we do recommend that you appoint a professional to fit your towbar, you can attempt to fit it yourself if you have the knowledge and experience. We have outlined the six-step process in a previous blog post, and we advise that you read any instructions fully before taking any action.

Many modern cars’ electrics operate on canbus systems which have very sensitive electrical circuits that can be easily harmed, so make sure you read the instructions supplied with any electrical kit before installing a towbar. Somerset Mobile Towbars have the experience and expertise to ensure the electrical systems on your car are not harmed during installation.

How long would it take to fit a towbar?

Fitting a towbar will vary between vehicles. Whilst professional fitters like ourselves can complete most fittings in around 2-3 hours or less, it may take a non-professional fitter considerably longer to complete an installation.

How do you maintain a towbar?

Maintenance does not stop once your towbar is fitted and should be regularly checked for any problems such as excessive rust which is easily treated with a rust-inhibiting paint. Any loose bolts should also be tightened to the correct torque setting although it is very rare for bolts to become loose once they have been properly tightened according to the towbar manufacturers recommended settings. While towbars are low maintenance, you still have to check for any damages by having regular inspections. This is very important as towbars are now inspected during an MOT test and will fail if deemed to be unsafe.

What is a detachable towbar?

Another common question we are asked at Somerset Mobile Towbars is, what is a detachable towbar? This type of bar has a detachable ball and neck which can be removed from the main towbar in a few seconds and without the need for any tools. This makes the towbar invisible once the towball has been removed and has the added bonus of not interfering with rear parking sensors when you are not towing.

Which towbar is the right one for me?

This is one of the most common questions as the task of picking a towbar can be daunting. First, ask about the different types of towbars available, whether this involves asking fellow towbar owners, searching the different types online or asking a professional for assistance.

Then read about the advantages and disadvantages of each, to see which one closely matches your needs. There is a lot to discover about towbars which is why it is logical to seek the assistance of a towbar expert, as they can suggest the right one for your needs.